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What is Patient Online?

Patient Online services will give you the option to:

You will be able to complete these actions using a computer, tablet or smartphone rather than having to phone or visit your practice.

What are the benefits of online services?

Online services will allow you to book and cancel appointments or request REPEAT prescriptions at a time that is convenient to you – day or night. It can also mean not having to travel to the surgery and can free up phone lines for people without access to a computer.

Having access to records means, that you could be more in control of your health and well-being. This is particularly helpful for people who live with a long-term condition such as Diabetes that needs regular monitoring and frequent prescriptions.

Practices have found that online access helps to manage appointments and telephone calls more efficiently and patients find it convenient and accessible.

How can I get access to my GP Record?

You will need to fill in a short form and bring proof of your identity to the surgery so that we can provide you with logon details and with a password.

Please speak to a member of the reception team and ask for a consent form or download a form from here.


Alternatively Smartphone apps are available: For iPhones or androids

e.g. Patient Access (supported); other apps do not have technical support provided.


Patient Access mobile app


Free on Android and iOS


Keeping your records safe


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  • Late Arrivals Policy

    Thank you to all our patients who do arrive on time for appointments. Thankfully that is most of you.

    We realise it is sometimes difficult but:

    Please do arrive in plenty of time for your appointment, as the reception desk and booking in system can sometimes be busy.

    If you arrive late for your appointment it can result in surgeries running late and cause inconvenience to others.

    If you are between 10-15 minutes late you will be offered to re-book or wait until your doctor, nurse or Health Care Assistant (HCA), has time to see you. If you are given this option, you will need to wait in the surgery until you are seen and it may not be until the end of surgery.

    If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment with the doctor, nurse or HCA you will be asked to rebook your appointment.

  • NHS England: How information about you helps us to provide better care

    Find out more

  • Appointments System

    On going Changes March 2014

    Since January 2011 we have constantly been reviewing our appointment system based on patient surveys. In addition to making appointments more accessible to patients on the day and within 48 hours and up to 2 weeks in advance we are also exploring ways to provide more continuity for all patients and enabling them to see the same GP on a more regular basis.

    If you have any queries or need any further information please do not hesitate to contact our Practice Manager.

  • Call recording now taking place

    When patients phone the surgery they will now be informed “in the interests of both parties calls are being recorded”.

  • Registering now!

    Our list is open for new patients. Contact our reception on 020 8980 1760 for details